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When was the last time you really participated in focused, high level strategic planning for your business?

This is your opportunity to go to work on you, on your finances and on your business. One common trait all highly successful business people have, is that they take time out of the business to work on it. It’s our goal to make this the highest returning activity you participate in all year.


The 8 key building blocks for creating a fast growth, high value, solid business asset.

Grow Program is delivered face-to-face in a boardroom setting, over 8 monthly sessions. Sessions take place at the Kelly+Partners Head Office in North Sydney with group sizes limited to 15 business owners.

Unit 1

Personal Assessment
  • Your Money Profile – discover insights into your subconscious habits, traits and behaviours when it comes to money.
  • Your Business Profile – discover your hidden thought patterns and subconscious decision making processes when it comes to business.
  • Organisational Fitness Assessment – we will give your business a full fitness assessment to uncover the weak points and constraints in your organisation.

Unit 2

  • What is strategy?
  • How to build out a strategy for your business?
  • Cascade your strategy to all levels of your team!

Unit 3

  • Your Legal Structure
  • Your Ownership Structure
  • Your Organisation Structure
  • Your Team Structure

Unit 4


How to gain and maintain the right people in your business

  • We’ll create systems for your business to build a team of passionate, driven, disciplined leaders all working towards the same vision.
  • You’ll learn how to attract and retain ‘A Players’ that leverage your results while managing themselves
  • You’ll discover how to create an inspirational environment that facilities leadership and growth … and creates a team of superstars.

Unit 5


You will take the guesswork out of your business and begin driving it with data.

  • Create an Operations Map that gives you a birds eye view of your entire business
  • Document the systems and processes that create a solid company that grows whether you’re there or not,
  • Gain a deep understanding of the fundamental drivers of influence and persuasion … and how to apply them to empower your team

Unit 6


We’ll look at how people engage with your company and the journey you take them on.

  • Construct an experiential process that takes prospects and turns them into raving fans
  • Understand where the key touch points are between them and your company, and how to turn these into an extraordinary experience for them.
  • Bring to light the steps to becoming one of the most highly valued, influential and highly paid people in your industry.
  • Discover powerful marketing techniques for building your client portfolio, attracting new prospects and converting them into paying customers and clients.

Unit 7


Taking Your Financial Universe to New Heights.

  • Run a Business Performance Evaluation addressing key financial issues like your profitability, cashflow, liquidity and solvency, the efficiency of your financial systems and planning
  • Implement a Business Snapshot Report that will give you a dashboard for the health and daily performance of your business
  • Simplify your data down to essential KPI’s so you business growth becomes enjoyable instead of stressful
  • Discover new methods of tracking progress and keeping your team engaged and committed to your financial goals.

Unit 8


Where your company becomes a truly great driving force in your community

  • Discover strategies for how you participate in your community and in your industry And how to become a highly influential and respected institution.
  • Implement a Business Snapshot Report that will give you a dashboard for the health and daily performance of your business
  • Examine the community touch points for your company and how to improve them
  • Create a plan for creating your ideal reputation and then, how to manage it

Unit 9


What’s your exit strategy?

  • Explore in depth the different options available for your personal long term success and the enduring success of your vision.
  • Look at the big picture of what you want to be known for, how you want to contribute to those around you, your community, the world.
  • With this long term vision, you’ll operate and lead with more certainty, inspiration and conviction.

Why do a Grow Program?

Why do a business course?

Why choose grow program?

Why choose Grow Program?